4 Ways Product Based Business can up their Social Media Game Today!

Social Media is an essential selling tool for product-based businesses, and creating valuable organic content is key to creating an engaged audience. And what’s good about an engaged audience? An engaged audience is an audience that is INTERESTED in your business. They like what you’ve got to offer, and when they realise they need a product that you offer, yours will be the first to pop into their mind. This process results in SALES, and that’s the aim of the game, right? 

Despite how fantastic Social Media can be, for some people, it is an absolute nightmare. Time-consuming, stressful, and tedious are just some of the words that come up in such conversations. It doesn’t help that there is extensive information out there, a lot of it that is overwhelming, confusing and to be honest… excessive.  

Social Media doesn’t actually have to be hard. It can actually be really straightforward and you don’t need to be a pro to make it work for you. Here are some SIMPLE ways to UP your social game.

  1. Utilise Tik Tok – Yup, I said it. Tik Tok is the EASIEST way to grow on Social Media right now. Use a trending sound, showcase your product in different ways, and get creative! 
  2. Remember VALUE is key. There is no point in posting every day if the content you are posting has no value. Think about the posts you stop and read vs the posts you scroll past. The ones you stop and read – I bet they’re either funny, educational or inspirational – right? Create content that actually adds value to your audience’s feed – not clutter. 
  3. ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. If someone tags you in a post. Share it on your story. Someone comments on your post? Reply. Take the time to genuinely engage with your audience. More engagement = more reach. 
  4. Share reviews – If someone is new to your page and your product, they will want to know that your product does what it’s meant to do. Repurpose reviews from Google & Facebook using a branded Canva template – Bob’s your uncle! 

These are just SOME of the ways in which you can EASILY use social media to sell more of your products. Don’t let the excessive advice, jargon and “algorithm tactics” scare you, social media doesn’t have to be hard!