5 Free Apps you NEED in your business

No matter what stage of business you are at, it’s always a win to save money. A lot of Apps offer a 7-day free trial or just need to be paid for straight away. Whilst we absolutely believe you’ve gotta spend money to make money, the unpaid versions of these apps have a lot of bang for their FREE buck. Let’s get into it.

Digital Signatures | PandaDoc

First up is PandaDoc. The free version of this App allows you to send documents off to be signed digitally. A lot of Apps in this category limit the number of documents and signatures you can have before you need to upgrade to a free version. However, PandaDoc allows you to have UNLIMITED legally binding signatures and documents, the ability to collect payment and access to their mobile App. Impressive!


If you’re looking for a way to streamline getting your contracts signed and invoices paid, look no further than the completely free version of PandaDoc.

Timetracking | Clockify

Next up is Clockify. This App’s free version not only gives you the ability to track your time, but you can use it to track your team’s time. You can categorise client’s into an unlimited number of projects, generate as many time reports as you’d like and integrate other Apps and software into it as well. 


The fact that you get so many necessary features for free is amazing! Time tracking is something that all service based businesses should be doing, so absolutely jump on this App.

Screen Capture | Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is an App that allows you to screenshot and screen record on your computer for free. You can access your last 50 screenshots (You can save the rest yourself) and annotate your shots as well. The best part of this App is that you can download it as a plugin on your browser for quick and easy access. 


This is a great tool to use and create instructional videos, digital products and visual SOPs.

Social Media Scheduling | Later

Later is our favourite free social media scheduler. It’s no secret that every business should be utilising social media and off the cuff posts without a strategy don’t perform as well. So why not stay consistent and set your content up in a scheduler and let it all automatically post?


Later allows you to add in all of your accounts and upload up to 30 feed posts per month to automatically post. All completely free.

Mind Maps | Miro

Miro is an amazing App for the visual learners and creatives out there. It’s an online whiteboard, that also allows your team to collaborate with you. It can help make a big and seemingly messy task or brainstorm into an easy to follow mind map, that can be edited and shared with ease. You can even assign parts of it to different team members!


In the free version, you get 3 editable boards, templates, integrations and attention management so that team members don’t get lost along the way.


So there you have it. It can be so easy to just spend money on Apps that will move the needle forward in your business or make things just that little bit easier, but those subscriptions really do add up. Take a look at the free versions of these Apps and work out if they’re a good fit for you. Even if they aren’t, take this as a sign to look for free Apps where you can! The quality really is out there.


Need help selecting tools and Apps that streamline and/or automate your business?  Get in touch today! hello@empirevirtualsupport.com.au

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