About Us

The Road to Optopia

A tale of matching business needs with skills and experience.

Founded by Charlie Clarke in 2018, Empire Virtual Support has evolved from a one-woman show, to a thriving business operations agency.  An operational overachiever since setting foot in an office, and now with over two decades of experience in executive assistance, administration, marketing, and a strong managerial background, Founder Charlie understands the real challenges of running a business.
Our journey, serving hundreds of clients, has led to two fundamental realisations:

Hence, we offer a 360-degree solution, covering everything from process design and development, to marketing strategy and execution, as well as administration and bookkeeping. Our team, consisting of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced specialists, collaborates to achieve outstanding results.

Today, our vision is for all our clients to reach what we affectionately call Optopia. Optopia represents an ideal business ecosystem with seamless operations, brought to life by our specialist team to add tangible value to each client’s unique business needs.

Experience Better Business Support

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Our Philosophy

What Drives Us

We believe that designing a business that aligns with your lifestyle isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Freedom is engaging in joyful work, leveraging your strengths, and balancing passion with growth, without business ownership taking over your life. Freedom is immersing yourself in what you love about your business while staying connected to life’s precious moments.

Empire Virtual Support was founded on family-first principles, guided by the belief that we must proactively avoid a ‘business at all costs’ approach to live a life free from regret. These values are the driving force behind everything we do both within our company and for our clients. We believe that being a business owner doesn’t have to lead to a life of ‘what if’s’. Instead, we champion the idea that family and business can flourish together. 

Maintaining focus whilst we work elevates the quality, value and impact of what we produce for our clients. By committing to be focused, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, increasing their satisfaction and success. This commitment to focused work allows us to maintain freedom and balance, so that when we’re not working, we can wholeheartedly focus on other parts of our lives. 

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