Tips for managing the three most important relationships as a business owner

Just as everyone has physical health, everyone has mental health. Man, woman, student, employee, retiree. We all sit somewhere on the scale of good to bad mental health.

October is Mental Health awareness month, which got us thinking about the different mental health challenges a business owner might face, compared to a traditional employee.

What is work-life division and how can I navigate it?

The recent evolution to work life balance The concept of work life balance is nothing new. By definition, work life balance is achieving harmony between the different aspects of your life (1). Pre Covid-19, the general consensus seemed to be that having greater flexibility in how and where we work, would mean that we could […]

How to avoid burnout as a Small Business Owners

How to avoid burnout as a small business owner As small business owners, we’re often juggling a lot more than we should be. This usually means that at least one aspect of our lives (friends, family, physical/ mental health) will be unintentionally neglected. Physical health is the first to be forgotten, followed by our emotional […]