Michael Moon, Director and Principal Advisor

Tax Assure

From Locked-In to Lucked-Out

Michael Moon is the Director of Tax Assure, a specialist taxation debt advisory business helping companies, directors and business owners to manage outstanding tax debt with the ATO. Like many businesses during Covid, Tax Assure unfortunately had to let staff go during the pandemic. Left with jobs that still needed doing, but without the capacity for full-time staff, Michael approached Empire Virtual Support to provide the flexible support his business needed.

Wide spectrum needs

Looking to ‘keep the wheels turning’ both during and post-pandemic, Tax Assure simply didn’t have the resources to hire multiple staff members in marketing and EA roles. However, with various skill sets needed, it was also difficult to find a single staff member that could cover all bases for the organisation – especially when coupled with other business challenges. 

Inconsistent workflow

In the wake of Covid, Tax Assure needed a sustainable solution to business needs that was within budget and financially responsible. While previously the business had hired internal staff to fulfil the marketing and Executive functions of the business, this was no longer a viable solution. Unable to sustain permanent staff members, the business needed a solution where weekly hours could be dialled up or down depending on business needs at the time.  

Client focus

As a client based business, it was important to Michael that anyone working with the organisation was the ‘right fit’. With an EA booking appointments and liaising with clients, and marketing team members engaging with leads and potential customers, all external interactions needed to feel like they came from within the organisation, and not from a third party. 

Specialised support from industry experts

Rather than hiring a single person who dabbled in many areas, or many people to cover every aspect of the business, Empire Virtual Support matched Michael with the people best suited for his business needs. An Executive Assistant was assigned to Tax Assure to manage key business functions and free up Michael’s time, while our digital marketing coordinator worked on copywriting, digital marketing, and content management as required. 

Sustainable business solutions

Unlike hiring a traditional employee, engaging Empire Virtual Support is a financially sustainable solution for Tax Assure. Michael has the power to dial up or dial down support as required, and only ever pays for hours spent on delegated projects. While regular Empire team members have been assigned to Michael’s projects, an array of other assistants are on hand should they ever be needed. 

On-brand support and assistance

Even when Empire staff are working in other cities or states to Michael, you’d never know they’re not in the same office! Our expert team works hard to diligently follow brand guides, tone of voice, and the Tax Assure culture to provide the best possible experience for clients and potential leads. 

Every need met, every time

Now, instead of having employees frustrated by inconsistencies in workload, Michael has all the help he needs, when he needs it – without the hassle of keeping staff busy when work slows down. The Tax Assure team has peace of mind that support is always there by a team of experts in their field. 

Seamless team integration

Both internal and external feedback reveals that the Empire team is the right cultural fit for Tax Assure. Because of their specialist expertise and ability to adapt, our team members slot into Michael’s business effortlessly – you’d never know they’re not long-term internal staff! 

Effective, efficient support

No longer managing multiple team members, Michael has certainty that all tasks are delivered in a timely manner, without the hassle of project managing, people managing, or extra expenses. In his own words, “we just pay a bill at the end of the month, and we get what we need!”. 

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