5 Social Media Essentials for Service Based Businesses

Service-based businesses typically suffer when it comes to social media marketing, while product-based businesses THRIVE. Why?

When selling a product, you can take photos and market EXACTLY what the customer can buy. However, it can be hard to show customers what their service will look like. This can make marketing for service-based businesses both difficult and tedious.

Social Media is ESSENTIAL to draw customers in, especially for service-based businesses that rely so heavily on return customers. People must trust your expertise in order to want to book you/your business – but how does one trust a service they’ve never used or heard of?

*It is important to note that social media should come AFTER the solid foundation of your business is created – not first. Yes, social media will draw people in and get the ball rolling, but if you do not have a solid service, website, or place to lead them, what is the point?

Here are a few tips on how to get started!

  1. Pick a platform (or 2)

If you are just starting out, it is recommended to choose one platform and start there. Your focused platform should be where your target audience is hanging out – as it is the screens you are trying to reach. If you don’t know who your target audience is yet, have a quick peek at who is engaging with your competitors and on what platforms! The three most popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

  1. Decide your approach

Deciding how you will use your platform(s) is the next step to success.

  • Will you educate?
  • Will you inspire?
  • Will you entertain?

Whilst the best approach will include a mixture of all three, for service-based businesses, ‘educate’ is increasingly important to allow your audience to ‘know, like and trust your brand and ultimately position yourself as an authority. 

  1. Have a content plan!

Having a monthly planned content calendar is a great way to know what you are posting and when! How many promo posts are you posting per month? Is it too much? Will my posts match the theme of my socials? You can also use schedulers to help automatically post your photos and posts when you want!

  1. ALWAYS focus on connections!

As mentioned, ongoing, meaningful connections are key to service-based businesses. Most people are on social media to browse and connect – so you should focus on these connections and try your best to nourish them! 

First, you must understand what posts will encourage likes and comments. Surely not big posts saying, ‘BUY ME!’

Remember, on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the most engaged and relevant posts are shown (thanks algorithm!). The content that does this effectively, will reach more people and get onto more people’s screens! More screens = more connections!

So how do you create meaningful connections with your audience?

  • Tell Stories

The most engaging posts are those that not only show your brand but allow customers to relate to you – ie through telling real stories. Start with some easy ones like what motivates you, why you are running this business and how you started! This can be done through text posts, photos or even videos of you/ your staff talking! The options are endless!

  • Post Behind the scenes content!

This type of content is more personal and gives potential customers a look into how you operate and what to expect when booking you! Taking them through a workday or the completion of a task is a great idea.

  • Post content that differentiates you!

The key to staying relevant and beating your competitors is showing that you are different from the rest. Yes, it sounds cliché, but showcasing your differentiating qualities is essential. Why would they book you if Sally down the street does the same thing but for cheaper? Use your social platforms to your advantage!

  1. Testimonials!

Reviews and testimonials should be a LARGE focus on your social media accounts. It shows that you as a service-based business are reliable and good at your craft! Whether it is a written review on Facebook or an email, take them and whip them up into a quick post on Canva – and voila! A beautiful graphic that you can use! Or better yet, you can pair them with photos of you or your client using the service! You must show potential clients that your service works!

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