Humbling praise from our clients

In their own Words

As we continue our mission to steer businesses toward Optopia, we’re grateful to showcase snippets from the heartfelt feedback of those who have already experienced the Optopian effect!

"You solve a problem of scale for me, I can scale up and down with you. There is a whole support structure that sits behind my little business - it just wouldn't be possible to take on contracts of size if it wasn't for the support that you provide.You have to have a look at what you're holding on to that's not helping. And just really be brave and hand that over. What's the worst that can happen?"
Alex Coward
Director | The People Factor
"It really got to the point where the business was changing, evolving... I wanted to scale and it became clear that without things being organised, I was wasting so much time... It got to that point where it was like, if I don't do it now, it's just going to keep going like this and it's just going to get worse. One of the best things about working with Charlie was I could be really open and honest... It felt like such a personalised report that I received, that it really was, she nailed my objectives, she nailed my vision."
Janine Staunton
Director | Lemon Crush
“Without Empire Virtual Support as part of my team, I would be so much more stressed and worried, they just make things happen that I just don't have the time to get to! They are efficient, really know what they are doing and are able to support all the different parts of my business. It's like having my own little team, but on my terms. Can't recommend them highly enough!”
Megan Liston
Director | State Of Work
“An incredible addition to my business. Super efficient, reliable and always thinking ahead. Thanks to Empire Virtual Support, we've implemented systems and platforms that we've put off for years because it was too onerous. They sorted it out in a matter of days! Fantastic attention to detail and a joy to have on the team.”
Linda Murray
Athena Leadership Academy
"A fantastic communicator, great with time management and full of suggestions.
Like having a weight lifted off your shoulders!"
Val MacIver
Owner | VMPR
"Attention to detail, proactive style and efficiency is second to none, I truly feel they have positively impacted my small business greatly"
Tara Hurster
Owner | The TARA Clinic
"Empire Virtual Support have been fantastic for our growing clinic. It is refreshing to have virtual support that is not offshore, who completes all tasks consistently and communicates well. I would highly recommend them to any business"
Chieu Phan
Owner I CP Physio
"I have had 100% confidence in them ability to run all practice matters. They are proactive, have strong communication and liaison abilities and are efficient with time management. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any business owner in need of qualified, experienced and professional VA support"
Amanda Rob
Owner | Joy Through Therapy
“Empire Virtual Support has supported my business for 3 years now. They are reliable, super flexible and I can trust them to communicate professionally with my clients. So glad to have them as part of my team!”
Alyce Carpuso
Director | Adarling Boudoir
"I was very fortunate to be recommended Empire Virtual Support’s services to improve and update my existing website. They grasped what I had in mind, and worked collaboratively and swiftly with me to get the changes made I was looking for. I can recommend their skills and professional support."
Kim Billington
Author and Counsellor
"Empire Virtual Support has listened to every step of the way, really understood how I want to run my business, and then just come in at exactly the right level to provide that support. There's a real sense of trust and I can honestly say it just feels really well-supported.

I think the fact that you can have flexible, adjustable admin support that can directly meet your exact needs, whilst also providing a really high-quality level of service that you can trust is really hard to find.

I love how they have been able to grow with me as my business grows. Every time I go to Empire virtual support, they have somebody with skills and expertise, who can help me level up and take things to a different level. And that's just really exciting and incredible flexible support for any small business owner."
Rosanna Pajak
Before we got support from Empire Virtual Support, Power of Engineering hit a point where we needed to look at how we drove our sustainability. We noticed a lot of our volunteer time was getting taken up with administrative repetitive work, which wasn't necessarily why they signed up to volunteer. Having the support of the Empire team really enables our volunteers to be able to optimise and focus on what their roles are, when we're looking strategically and how we can make a greater impact to deliver our mission and vision as an organisation. Empire Virtual Support has helped us solve numerous problems that we've had or challenges that we've seen in our organisation. From moving from being reactive to being more proactive, streamlining our processes and standardisation and driving our sustainability. It's really changed how we operate as an organisation. I absolutely would recommend Empire Virtual Support, because I don't know how we survived without them. They are part of the team and they really help us to achieve our organisational goals and objectives.
Ashley McCarthy-Griffiths
President | Power of Engineering
"Charlie and the team from Empire Virtual Support are fantastic to work with, I highly recommended them."
Juliet Dyer
Owner | The Revitalise Centre
"The work is of the highest standard, always"
Stella Stead
Owner | Above & Beyond Consulting
We’ve been working with the team from Empire Virtual support for over a year now. We initially bought them on to support us in a marketing function, and since then, they have taken on a large number of responsibilities across the business. There’s actually very little in the business now that they are not across, and we get a really great consistency of experience and service, which has been amazing. Our experience is that every time someone is brought in, they’re in the right person for the task. The most valuable part of their support is the fact you’ve got all these skills in one place, it’s like having a dream team working alongside our inhouse team.Having Empire Virtual Support on our team just gives us so much more confidence to scale, we know that we going to be able to fulfil both our growth ambitions and the requirements of our clients. And that a really great place to be in, to not have to stress about delivering and also to do it in a financially sustainable way.From a personal perspective, as CEO and Founder, having Empire on the team has meant I can focus on the things I should be doing in this role; working on our vision, our positioning, continuing to innovate. I can be 100% focused on the future that is ahead of us and the growth ambitions I have for my business.
Fiona Triaca
CEO | Naked Ambition
"Before we engaged Empire Virtual Support, I was finding it really difficult to stay on top of all of the tasks that I needed to do. When I did have time, I was finding myself mentally depleted, and just not able to focus. As a business, we weren't realising our full potential. We had this vision of what we wanted to be, but we weren't taking the right steps or achieving that. So I really needed to find support, so that I could focus on that bigger-picture stuff.

Now, I feel like I don't have to worry, I can pass on tasks to people I trust who are really competent at what they do, really enjoy what they do and are so approachable. Each individual person that I've worked with at Empire has been able to collaborate with me in a way that understands what my business problem is, and provide solutions. I have found a lot more clarity in what it is that I need to focus on and can work on growing my business into the business that I want it to be. It has been an absolute weight off my mind having Empire along for this ride, I really feel like they're part of the team. And they're working towards this common goals with us. I keep finding new things for them to do and it always surprises me that it's just so easy for them to just pick up and run with."
Dhania Mirza
Director Main Road Real Estate
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