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Unlocking the power of strategic, seamless operations is the key to extraordinary business success. While designing and delivering such operations may seem daunting or expensive, we assure you it’s not only possible but also a game changer for your results. Collaborating with Empire Virtual Support boosts productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Without Empire Virtual Support, your Optopian dreams can turn into ‘ops flops’—unhappy clients, missed profit, and heightened stress for you and your team.

The good news? Our services are tailored to your budget, goals, and comfort level regarding control. Whether you prefer a ‘hands-on’ approach or want us to take the reins, it’s time to depart Chaotica and find Optopia.

Your Business Operations

Optimised and Executed

Are you on the verge of growth, eager to set yourself (and future/recent hires) up for success? Or, do you find your business operating in a relentless state of chaos, grappling with inefficiencies? Whether you’re gearing up to thrive, or struggling to survive, our services provides a clear roadmap to operational success.

Virtual CoOp

Australian administration,
marketing and
bookkeeping support


Strategy, implementation,
documentation, training.

Freemium Resources

DIY operational optimisation

Optopian Framework

Transform your Business Operations

Our 6 module framework is designed to transform your operational scramble into a strategic and seamless success story. Start at the beginning, or mix and match* to your needs, each stage is value packed and outcome driven. While Optopia Outsourced is a mix and match framework, we strongly recommend starting with Block 1. It serves as the foundation for optimisation and is the cornerstone of your entire transformation. 

Is your recent or planned growth compromising your freedom and sanity?

When operational survival mode has you feeling trapped, reactive, and caught in a loop of repetitive mistakes, it’s clear: your business needs an operational overhaul. If you’re sensing that things should be easier but are clueless about where to begin, let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Introducing our Service Delivery Blueprint, a pivotal phase of our Optopian Framework, crafted to shift your business from reactive chaos to proactive brilliance. We go beyond superficial customer journey analysis; we delve deep into the heart of your operational world.

Why do it, you ask?
Because this process serves as the vehicle to pin point pain points, elevate the customer experience, instigate process improvement, risk management, enhance staff retention and performance – all the essential elements required to scale, sell or find sanctuary from your business. 
Here’s what’s included:

Starting at $3,600 + GST. Your journey towards operational transformation and reclaimed freedom begins here.

Contact us today to kick start your journey with our Service Delivery Blueprint. Transform your operations, free up your time, and experience the freedom of efficient business management!

*While Optopia Outsourced is a mix and match framework, we strongly recommend starting with Block 1. It serves as the foundation for optimisation and is the cornerstone of your entire transformation. 

** This can be shared with an existing client Miro account, or the client can open a free Miro account, which allows up to 3 boards to be viewed, edited and shared. 

Standardising for Success

Unlock the power of clear and comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with our Document SOP service. We understand that in today’s dynamic business environment, having well-documented processes is the key to operational success. Our service offers a range of options, including standard documents, task manager templates, or dynamic microsites, all designed with user-centricity in mind.

Here’s what’s included:

Why do it, you ask?

You’ve recognised the importance of having well-documented processes, but perhaps you lack the time or expertise to create them. Our Document SOP service is your solution. By capturing and standardising your processes, you’re paving the way for operational progress and success. You’ll enjoy greater efficiency, consistency, and the ability to scale your operations with confidence.

What Do I Walk Away With?

Starting at just $3,600 + GST, we're here to help you capture processes for progress. Your investment in well-structured SOPs will pay dividends in enhanced productivity and operational excellence.

Transformation in Progress

Our Implement service progresses your transformation journey further. Technology research and set up, process design and optimisation, workflows, templates. These are all our jam.Whether you’ve completed the business service blueprint or are coming to us with your own clear vision of the improvements needed, this service is tailored to progress your transformation journey.
Why do it, you ask?
You’ve recognised areas of your business are in need of change, yet you lack the will, skill or time to fix them.
Here’s what’s included:
Each implementation is customised, but may include any combination of the following, depending on your needs:
Starting at just $1500 + GST, we’re here to make it happen

Activation Through Learning

Unlock the potential of your transformation with our Training service. It’s not just about change; it’s about understanding and mastering the new. Our informative sessions cover the ins and outs of new or streamlined processes, providing valuable guidance on newly deployed technology and resourcing changes.

Here’s what’s included:

Why do it, you ask?

In a world of constant evolution, the ability to adapt and excel is the key to success. Our training sessions empower you to confidently navigate the changes in your business landscape. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to unlock the full potential of your transformation.

Starting at just $469 + GST, transformation through training

It's a small investment for a big leap in transformation.

Cultivate Enduring Excellence

Elevate your processes with the CANI (Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement) principle. By embracing this approach, you guarantee that your processes remain relevant and in sync with your business objectives. These sessions serve as opportunities to exchange feedback and recommendations post-implementation.

Here’s what’s included:

Why do it, you ask?

In the pursuit of excellence, consistency and adaptability are your best allies. Embracing the CANI principle ensures that your operations continue to evolve, adapt, and improve over time. It’s your pathway to sustaining the Optopian state you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Starting at just $895 + Gst, sustain your Optopian state

Stop Juggling and Struggling

Outsource your operations to our Virtual CoOp, and experience a team support model that meets your unique marketing, administrative and bookkeeping needs.

Here’s what’s included:

Access to all our Virtual CoOP services, including:

Why do it, you ask?

Because one size does not fit all when it comes to virtual support. Our model is to build each client their own unique virtual team with the right specialist skills to fulfil their needs.

Support starts at just $2,047 + GST per month

Virtual CoOp

Marketing, Administrative and Bookkeeping

Stop juggling and struggling. It’s time for a team support model that meets your unique requirements. The Virtual CoOp houses our team of Australian virtual specialists, dedicated to assisting businesses in their journey to start, scale, and succeed by providing marketing, administrative, and bookkeeping support. Why work with us? Your business is as unique as it’s needs. Relying solely on a single virtual support person with a limited skill set poses a risk. A thriving business demands diverse support across multiple areas. Our approach is tailored: we curate your virtual team with the specialised skills needed to meet your precise needs, ensuring optimal outcomes. Whether it’s time, finances, or stress—or all three—our team of virtual specialists is here to provide comprehensive support. We offer three distinct levels of support to cater to your specific needs, providing you with valuable relief.

Unlock the following:

Here’s what’s included:

Access to all our Virtual CoOP services, including:

Experience the power of precision. Streamline your operations effortlessly. Our Easy plan delivers essential support tailored to your business’s needs. Ideal for maintaining operational momentum and addressing immediate demands. Experience specialist assistance without the commitment of a larger plan.

Discover essential support tailored to your business. Our Easy plan provides specialist assistance to maintain operational momentum, addressing immediate needs without the commitment of a larger plan.

Experience the following benefits:

Here’s what’s included:

Rise to new levels of efficiency and productivity. The Easier plan fuels smoother operations, boosting progress across all your tasks. Reclaim your time to work on your business, not just in it.


Here’s what’s included:

Empower your business for accelerated growth without the grind. Our Easiest plan provides extensive support, enabling you to achieve ambitious goals and expand your operational capacity significantly without sacrificing your freedom.

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Schedule a discovery call to explore your challenges and create a personalised action plan. Neglecting your operations leads to lost customers, frustrated teams and suppliers, and a one-way ticket to burnout.