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We may be in a new age where remote work is the norm, however at Empire Virtual Support we understand that it is still a new concept and you likely have a lot of questions. We think we have covered most things off below, but get in touch if you have further questions.


Empire Virtual Support provide a broad range of business support services, including marketing, administration, bookkeeping, customer service, operations, events, projects, web, design….

A virtual assistant is a business support professional that works from a remote location. Many virtual assistants are generalists, however at Empire Virtual Support, we provide specialist administrative, creative and technical services delivered by specialists in their field.

No one wants a jack of all trades and in all honesty, one person is highly unlikely to be qualified or experienced for the tasks required across the many functions of a business. Empire Virtual Support gives you access to a whole team of experts and the option for all work to be managed through one account manager. 

  • Access to a team of experienced business support professionals, no one
  • Choice of flexible Casual hours, or a Retainer the size of your choosing. This means more support when you needs it and no unnecessary costs when you don’t. 
  • Contracted staff are more cost effective. Clients are not liable for overheads such as office space, furniture, equipment, PAYG, super,  sick pay, holiday pay. 

Engaging a VA from overseas may come with some cost benefits. However our team know the Australian business environment and communicate in a culturally relevant manner in your timezone. 

Absolutely not. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. We offer local support and local knowledge. 

As a team, we are all located in Australia. 

Individual team members are located throughout Australia, which allows us to provide extended hours of support across different time zones. 


Simple answer, technology! Let’s connect and we can tell you more. 

In a post Covid world, the Zoom call is almost more common than the phone call. Yet, Virtual Assistants have been using this tecnology for years. 

We use an ever-growing range of cloud-based tools for file storage and sharing, project management, marketing meaning tasks can be briefed and executed seamlessly from anywhere at anytime. Many clients also grant us access to internal specialised systems. Working remotely is no longer a barrier to success. 

We work with you to find a solution that results in optimal outcomes for your business needs.

All Empire Virtual Support team members have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement. Additionally, we are always happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with out clients.

All sensitive information, such as passwords and financial details, are stored in an encrypted password tool.

We love what we do, but all work and no play is not good for anyone. As such, we take all National Australian Public Holidays off, in addition to NSW Public Holidays. 

We work with clients to ensure business continuity on these occasions. 

We offer various service agreements to suit the individual needs of our clients.

You can choose a retainer or any number of hours of your choosing so you know you have support for that many hours a month.

Or, you can opt to be casual, meaning you can do as many or as few hours as you like per month. No minimum.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

Empire Support’s range of services is continually growing. And yes, we do offer specialist support. However, services such as Graphic Design and Web Design have custom pricing, that is agreed between Empire Virtual Support and the client before work commences. 

  • For Retainer clients, we invoice at month end, for the month ahead.
  • For Casual clients, we invoice at month end, for the month that has just passed. 
  • Payment terms are 14 days. 

Clients are only liable for the agreed hourly rate. There is no additional cost for Superannuation, insurance, equipment, sick leave etc.

We accept both Electronic Transfer and Credit Card (2% processing fee).

We communicate with each client using their preferred method. Email, WhatApp, Messenger, Phone, Zoom, Project Management tools, Text, Carrier Pigeon….well maybe not that last one 😉 

All team members use an embedded time tracking tool to track time spent on each client’s account. You will only ever be invoiced for hours spent servicing your account. No breaks, no downtime.

Check out our How It Works page for more details, or you can send us an enquiry and we will book in an initial chat to discuss your unique situation and how Empire Virtual Support can add value to your business. 

We understand that your situation may change and as such your requirements may change. 

If you are on a Retainer Agreement, you can decrease or terminate your contract with one month’s written notice. 

For businesses on Casual rates, you can cancel your support services at any time. 

Upon cancellation, an invoice will be issued for work completed until the point of cancellation.  


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