Dhania Mirza

Main Road Real Estate

A complete business transformation

Dhania is one of three Directors at Main Road Real Estate, a boutique agency working to change the face of traditional real estate in Melbourne and beyond. Specialising in customer experience, Dhania is passionate about her clients and ensuring their customers have the best possible experience when buying or selling a property. Finding that all her time was spent completing boring administrative tasks, Dhania approached Empire Virtual Support for some much needed help to give her the mental clarity to focus on business development and strategy.

Mental depletion

Like many business directors, Dhania felt run off her feet and constantly overworked while feeling that she wasn’t making any progress. She reached a point of mental depletion, lacking the energy and focus to drive transformation in the business. Living in a state of overwhelm, and constantly thinking about the business in her personal time, Dhania needed support to take over some of the everyday tasks in the business to free up her time and mental space.

Inconsistent business operations and procedures

One frustration contributing to Dhania’s state of overwhelm was a lack of consistency in the business’s administrative procedures. So much of Dhania’s time was taken up going back and forth between agents to gather the information required and recording details in the right place.

A plateau in business growth

With much of her time taken up by administrative tasks, Dhania felt she no longer had the time to think about ‘big picture’ business solutions. The Main Road Real Estate Team had a vision for the future, but weren’t taking the steps to achieve the growth and business development they desired.

Handing over administrative management

With the main goal being to free up Dhania’s time, Dhania now has a dedicated Empire administrator to delegate tasks to. Taking the load off Dhania, the Empire Team handles a variety of administrative tasks for the business, including:

A new social media strategy and ongoing support

As well as an Empire administrator, Dhania also utilises one of our social media managers to oversee Main Road Real Estate’s marketing and social media presence. Initially collaborating on a solid social media strategy, we continue to work closely with Dhania to develop monthly content in line with her vision, including posts, stories, and video reels, as well as scheduling and monitoring all posts to report analytics back to the team.

Developing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures

Collaborating closely with Dhania and her team to solve their business frustrations, the Empire team has been able to make recommendations for new software, automations, and Standard Operating Procedures, helping to implement them strategically across the business. The team periodically reviews current processes with Dhania to ensure the best possible outcomes for the business, while streamlining the administrative and marketing functions as much as possible.

The best of both worlds

With a trusted team of experts in their field, Dhania has peace of mind that all administrative and marketing aspects of the business are taken care of. Her Empire support personnel easily manage their respective areas, while providing regular updates and reports to Dhania so that she can stay involved without bearing the brunt of every single task.

Boundaries between work and home

With the support of the Empire team, Dhania has been able to set clear boundaries between her work and personal life. No longer thinking “did I send that email earlier?” while relaxing with her family, Dhania has significantly decreased her mental load and can focus on what matters most in each moment.

Significant business transformation

No longer ‘doing it all’, Dhania now has the mental space and clarity to look at the ‘big picture goals’ of Main Road Real Estate. Over the course of working with Empire Virtual Support, she has been able to develop a new strategy for business development and an actionable plan for business growth and transformation.