Janine Staunton


From overwhelm to thrive!

Janine Staunton, the ADHD mind behind LemonCrush, embarked on a transformative journey with Empire Virtual Support to tackle the challenges plaguing her thriving business. Here’s how she overcame overwhelming tasks, resource shortages, and operational inconsistencies:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed: Janine was overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks and responsibilities involved in running her business. She was pulled in multiple directions, trying to manage various aspects, including operations, client work, and growth planning.
  • Lack of Documented Processes: Her business lacked organised and documented systems and processes. This absence made it challenging to explain tasks to potential team members and hindered effective delegation.
  • Inefficient Use of Technology: Janine found it overwhelming to navigate the numerous tech options available for her business. She struggled to identify the right tools and systems to support her operations and growth.
  • ADHD as a Challenge: Janine mentioned that she has ADHD, which posed additional challenges in managing and implementing systems and processes effectively.

Empire Virtual Support came to the rescue with tailored solutions:

  1. Delegation: Empire Virtual Support took charge of essential day-to-day tasks that had previously overwhelmed Janine. This included streamlining marketing efforts, ensuring financial stability through bookkeeping, handling customer service, and offering general administrative support.
  2. Flexible Experienced Support: The partnership offered Janine the flexibility to access support as needed, with no long-term commitments. A Retainer for ongoing monthly requirements and Casual hours for additional support allowed her to focus on growth without undue financial burden.
  3. Delivery of Defined Processes: Empire Virtual Support implemented streamlined processes tailored to Janine’s unique strengths and challenges. This led to consistent messaging, content creation, and client experiences.

The results were truly remarkable!

  1. Enhanced Focus: With the burden of daily tasks lifted, Janine could concentrate on strategic goals, business growth, and client satisfaction. The mental load was significantly reduced, allowing her to envision the future of LemonCrush.
  2. Financially Sustainable Growth: While specific financial details were not disclosed, the partnership with Empire Virtual Support provided Janine with the confidence to scale her business sustainably and meet her growth aspirations.
  3. Consistency: Documented processes and tailored support ensured that LemonCrush consistently delivered high-quality services to clients. Marketing efforts became more structured, offering clients a uniform experience.

Janine Staunton expressed her gratitude, emphasising, “It’s just a massive mental load off my shoulders.” Thanks to Empire Virtual Support’s expert assistance and proactive approach, LemonCrush is now well-equipped to thrive and achieve its vision in the world of website design and digital solutions.