Kim Billington
Counsellor and Supervisor

Counselling Conversations

Upscale and Destress

Kim is a counsellor, clinical supervisor and trainer specialising in child and family counselling. For the past 30 years she has provided compassionate counselling to a diverse range of clients, while also currently working as a clinical supervisor with Monash University’s Master’s of Counselling students, among others. With an existing website that required content updates, and an increased need to upgrade her internal systems, Kim approached us to help maintain her website and establish new Practice Management software.

Lacking IT Skills

Kim freely admits that website development isn’t her strong suit. When her adult son started complaining that every conversation they had was to solve an IT problem, she knew it was time to get help with the technical side of her business. Having previously engaged a web designer who created her website, Kim had been upkeeping the web content herself – but she knew engaging a professional would take away the headache of maintaining something that wasn’t in her area of expertise. 

Drifting priorities

With a focus on people and client delivery, Kim lacked the time to focus on the backend of her business. There were jobs she knew needed to be done… but when it isn’t your passion, and you have other tasks to attend to, it’s easy to let your priorities drift. After putting off her business management and website updates continuously, she decided to engage some outside support to help get things back on track. 

Outdated Practice Management systems

Working in the industry for so many years, Kim had long established ways to manage client onboarding and ongoing practice management. However, she recognised that these systems were quite outdated and that it was time for a more contemporary approach. With neither the will nor skill to establish new Practice Management software herself, a professional support team was required to take on this task. 

Ongoing website support

While Kim was happy with the overall design of her website, new content was needed to keep the website up to date. Our specialist web development team worked with Kim to update the content on her website, and continue to provide ongoing support when new content needs to be uploaded or technical issues arise. 

Expert advice

Desiring to upscale certain aspects of her business, Empire Virtual Support provided a sounding board for Kim to bounce ideas off and receive creative input into her web content and practice management. Kim no longer has to rely on her son for IT support and advice but instead has a wealth of experience and knowledge ready to tap into with a simple email or phone call. 

A new Practice Management System

After a detailed review of Kim’s current practice management process and the functionality she would like in a new platform, our team recommended she set her business up with a Power Diary account. From importing all existing data across to setting up internal data such as products and services to setting up form templates, the Empire Virtual Support team established a set up for ease of use well into the future. 

User-friendly, future-proof systems

With a brand-new Practice Management system ready to go, Kim now has everything she needs to maintain client relationships and appointments. Our team specifically chose the software and set up that would suit Kim’s business needs while providing the best user experience possible – and on-call support when it’s needed. 

An up-to-date online presence

Updating Kim’s website with the most current information and service offerings, Kim now has an up to date web presence to reach potential clients while promoting her books and counselling expertise. A good balance of past experience and current endeavours, Kim’s simple website provides all the information she requested, with room for future growth as needed. 

Support when it’s needed most

Having engaged Empire Virtual Support for a batch of website content and to set up Power Diary, she is now able to engage our services when and as she needs them. Recently thanking our team for their responsiveness, Kim knows she can dial up or dial down our support as she needs it, giving her peace of mind that expert support is on hand when she needs it most.