Lisa Tongoulidis

Human Art

Conquering the chaos

Lisa is an executive coach, HX consultant and speaker passionate about helping individuals to thrive during times of uncertainty. As the Founder, CCO, and Principal Consultant of Human Art, she works with leaders and business professionals to give them the skills, support, and confidence to uncover their hidden potential and create a more desirable experience at work. With an expanding portfolio of clients, Leesa found she could no longer manage her business on her own and reached out to Empire Virtual Support for some

Feeling the time crunch

Like many business owners, Leesa found herself bogged down in the day-to-day work of running her business. Between working with her clients, doing her bookkeeping, and managing all administrative tasks at Human Art, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day for Leesa to do it all, and she was beginning to feel burnt out.

Limited capacity for organisation and strategic planning

Being overwhelmed with the day-to-day work of her organisation, Leesa found she didn’t have the time or mental capacity to organise her business the way she would like, or strategically plan for the future. With various duties coming at her from different directions, she required support to sort through the haze and prioritise business activities.

Reactivity over proactivity

Cascading from her lack of time and inability to plan ahead, Leesa found that she consistently ran into problems that she had to fix as they came up, with no real contingencies for when issues arose. Stuck in a whirlwind of ‘just getting the job done’, she had no capacity to proactively plan for business growth or how to overcome small-business hiccups.

An administrative takeover

The first step in freeing up Leesa’s time was to take over a large portion of the administrative and bookkeeping tasks in the business. We allocated Leesa a dedicated bookkeeper to manage her books and a virtual assistant to help streamline processes, perform administrative tasks, and offer general support for Leesa and her business.

A new tool suite to streamline the business

Experts in business management and workflows, our team provided Leesa with a range of options for tools and technologies to help streamline the administrative aspects of her business. Based on our own experience with these services, we recommended the best software to support Human Art’s ways of operating, and then set up and implemented those new tools.

Proactive business solutions

Wanting to expand Human Art and promote her IP, we worked with Leesa to better understand her business, including the issues she was facing and her goals for the future. We then helped Leesa strategise, providing her with a good understanding of where her business sits in the current market, and a forward-thinking radar to help her business grow.

Efficient, time-saving processes and procedures

With new tools and processes in place, Leesa has a smooth operating rhythm she uses across her portfolio of clients, and is much more aware of where things are at in her business. Daily tasks have been put into a hierarchy of prioritisation, so there is no stress of not meeting deadlines or needing to work overtime to get the job done.

Regaining a sense of control

With a team of virtual assistants at her side, Leesa has regained a sense of control over her business, moving from flustered to unfazed. Leesa no longer needs to spend hours on day-to-day administrative tasks, but has achieved balance between her work and personal life. She is happy to start each day fresh, with a good sense of what the day will hold, before leaving her desk behind to enjoy time with her family.

Strategic planning for the future

Thanks to Empire Virtual Support’s help, Leesa has both the time and mental clarity to work on the business, rather than just in the business. She is able to focus her time on working with her clients, expanding her business, and developing a strategic plan for sustainable business growth.

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