Linda Murray
Director And Executive Coach

Athena Leadership Academy

Turning Overwhelm to Composure

Linda is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator who has worked in the industry for the past 15 years. Starting Athena Leadership Academy in 2010, Linda coaches leaders to design the careers they want, building on the leadership skills that make others want to follow them. After her previous support staff moved on from the business, Linda approached us to help manage the administrative side of Athena Leadership Academy, so she could focus on her clients.


Time management

With a growing business and expanding client base, Linda was quickly overwhelmed by her increasing workload. Balancing client work with essential business administration, she found herself with the common problem of simply not having enough hours in the day. Linda’s work and personal life became unbalanced as she began working evenings and weekends while feeling unsupported in her business.

Unsophisticated backend management

While Linda knew her business could be operating smoother, she simply did not have the capacity to implement new processes and systems. Although she had engaged staff to streamline processes in the past, she often felt she was leading the conversation, rather than being offered new ideas or recommendations for her administration. 

A high-speed environment

As an Executive Coach working in a fast-paced industry, Linda needed someone to support her business who could keep up with her pace, delivering outcomes in a timely manner. Wanting to focus on the client-facing aspects of her work, she needed to hire staff who could proactively elevate her business administration, rather than waiting for tasks to be detailed each day.

General administrative and operational support

To alleviate Linda’s administrative stress, Empire Virtual Support took over the management of everyday business functions for Athena Leadership Academy. Starting with managing client bookings, back end operations, and general reporting, the Empire team now oversees Linda’s client database, handles all client onboarding, and has enhanced client communications. 

Recommendation and implementation of new software and systems

Taking over Linda’s client database and diary management, it became apparent that more advanced software could be used to streamline the business’s administrative processes. Working closely with Linda to design new systems and procedures, the Empire Virtual Support team has now established a suite of tools that simplify account management, streamlines processes, and assist with automation. 

Flexible support that can keep up the pace

With a specialist team of experts in their field, the Empire Virtual Support team are always on hand to assist Linda with her business functions. Rather than relying on a single person to get the job done, Linda now has a team of experienced support personnel who can jump in and out of her daily operations as required.

Renewed focus

No longer stretched too thin, Linda has renewed clarity and focus on the parts of her business that she does best. Since working with Empire Virtual Support Linda has reported an increase in cash flow and improved capacity to meet client needs. As experts in their field, the Empire team have given Linda the certainty she needs that tasks will be completed to the highest standard, and that daily administrative jobs never fall through the cracks.  

Streamlined processes and digital systems

By recommending and implementing new digital systems and administrative processes, the backend of Linda’s business is now running smoother than ever. With user-friendly and intuitive digital interfaces, these new systems are easily managed by the Empire team, with the flexibility for Linda to use these platforms herself as needed.

Flexible, trusted support

Thanks to Empire Virtual Support’s flexible business plans, Linda is no longer pressured to provide minimum hours to staff, nor to worry about overloading her team. Able to dial up and down support as required, Linda has peace of mind that she has trusted, reliable, and local support when she needs it, at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time staff member. 

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