Melissa Grant
Director of Operations

Ternity Group

improved systems and processes while managing complex customer needs

Melissa is the Director of Operations at Ternity Group, a team of antenatal and parenting professionals who support families through pregnancy, birth, and early parenting with three platforms: Nourish Baby, Safe Sleep Space, and Sleep Smart. Overrun by operational tasks, Melissa reached out to Empire Virtual Support for a tailored solution to her business needs.

Unique time requirements

Melissa knew that having administrative support would be a great benefit to her business. However, her business model was not conducive to hiring someone full time, nor putting on a staff member with set hours. She was put in the position of wanting someone available Monday-Friday, without needing to allocate set blocks of hours each day.

Drowning in admin

Like many business owners, as the business grew Melissa got caught up working in the business, rather than on the business. While she did have support systems in place, she found she was lacking someone to delegate tasks to and was instead getting bogged down in daily operational duties.

Complex Support Needs

As Ternity grew, the business’s support needs became more complex. Melissa needed a support team who were proactive in meeting business needs and confident in program management. She also wanted someone who could hit the ground running, helping implement new systems and processes with proven results.

Flexible Support

With our unique service model, Empire has been able to ensure that all Ternity’s customer needs have been met in a timely fashion, without needing to pay a full-time worker from 8am-5pm each day. Our experienced administrative support workers are on call whenever they’re needed, but never charge when they’re not actively on the job.

Administrative Management

Melissa now has a team of Empire Support personnel to oversee various aspects of the business. The Empire team provide phone and email support for Ternity’s online anti-natal education customers and telephone support service for expectant and new parents. They are also responsible for the administration process for Ternity’s health programs, and are available for any ad-hoc tasks that Melissa needs to delegate.

Continuous Improvement

Coming from a range of backgrounds and experiences, the Empire Virtual Support team understand the complex needs of running a business, especially with accelerated business growth. Our support members are constantly looking for new ways to improve systems and processes for Ternity, helping to streamline business functions before Melissa even has to think about it.

Cost Efficiency

Melissa is able to dial up or dial down support as needed, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution to her needs. Rather than one staff member paid full time, Melissa has a team of admin professionals ready to support her and her business every day of the week, ensuring Ternity customers receive support in a timely manner, without breaking the bank.

Smooth Systems and Processes 

With Empire taking over a number of administrative and customer service-based tasks, we have implemented a number of new systems and processes to ensure smooth business operation and excellent customer service for Ternity. Regular tasks managed by Empire include:

Peace of Mind

Being able to hand over several administrative tasks to Empire Virtual Support, Melissa now has the time and space to work on business growth and strategy. Knowing that the day-to-day operations of the business are being managed has also taken a huge mental load off Melissa, giving her peace of mind that the business is being looked after while she focuses on the work most important to her.