Rosanna Pajak

Rosanna Pajak Psychology and Birth Healing Collective

Sustainable growth for two businesses

Rosanna is a clinical psychologist specialising in perinatal mental health, supporting women in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She initially reached out to Empire Virtual Support for some administrative assistance with her private practice, Rosanna Pajak Psychology, in order to give her time to focus on clinical work and her family. When she set out to start a secondary business, Birth Healing Collective, she called on Empire to assist her with a brand new website build and social media strategy.

A need for small-scale administrative support

As a small business owner, Rosanna had a lot of administrative duties to tackle. Wanting to focus on clinical work while having time to spend with her family, Rosanna needed support to free up her time, however all of the options she looked into were too large-scale for her burgeoning business.

Time consuming financial management

Working as a clinical psychologist, Rosanna has a complicated and multi-pronged payment system that incorporates private payments and Medicare claims. As a small practice owner, there was a lot to navigate in her business finances that she didn’t want to get bogged down in.

Launching a brand-new business

Starting out on a new endeavour, Rosanna recently founded Birth Healing Collective. Having worked with Empire administratively, she reached out to the team for help building a brand new website and social media strategy for the launch of the new practice.

A trusted team to delegate tasks to

Working with Empire Virtual Support, Rosanna is able to delegate as much or little of the administrative tasks of her business to a trusted team of experienced administrative assistants. Our team now handles a range of administrative tasks, including:

Efficient support to track down payments

Taking the load off Rosanna in managing payments, the Empire Support Team manage all aspects of Rosanna Pajak Psychology’s patient payments and Medicare claims. We handle private payments and receipts as well as chasing Medicare for payments.

A collaborative marketing strategy and new website build

Empire Virtual Support worked closely with Rosanna to develop a brand new website and social media strategy that would best represent Birth Healing Collective. As part of our marketing work, we made sure that our marketing solutions will provide sustainable business growth in the future, aligned with Rosanna’s strategic goals.

Tailored administrative solutions

Running a solo practice, Rosanna has certain ways she likes to do things. By building a solid rapport with her Empire administrator, she now has trusted support she can rely on. The Empire team has been able to provide tailored administrative solutions to meet Rosanna’s unique business needs, giving Rosanna peace of mind that any tasks delegated to Empire will be completed efficiently and in line with established business processes.

Worry-free family and clinical time

As Rosanna’s businesses have grown, Rosanna has been able to dial up and dial down support as needed. When ad hoc tasks have arisen, Rosanna has approached Empire to gain additional support by experienced team members, such as those who helped build the new website and social media strategy. Having the support of Empire Virtual Support has given Rosanna the much needed space and time to complete the clinical aspects of her business, grow the practice, and free up personal time to spend with her family.

Sustainable business growth and positive practice feedback

The feedback from clients and colleagues as Birth Healing Collective has grown has been incredible. The new website, in particular, has been well-complimented for its beautiful design and user-friendly interface. The website was also designed with Rosanna’s personal use in mind, with tutorials given on how to manage the backend of the webpage and ongoing support in her marketing and business development.