Stella Stead

Above and Beyond Consulting

Clarity, confidence and composure

With over 20 years’ experience in the childcare industry, Stella started Above and Beyond to empower educators into leadership positions, giving them the skills and knowledge to thrive and the confidence to lead outstanding organisations. As the sole operator of Above and Beyond, Stella approached us to take on the areas in which she lacked confidence and help improve her professional image.

Time constraints

As the Founder and sole operator of her consultancy, Stella’s focus has always been on delivering exceptional outcomes for her clients. While prioritising client work, Stella found that she simply did not have the time to work on copywriting, designing collateral, or marketing to new clients. Running a business on her own became increasingly challenging, leading to overwhelm and uncertainty above the direction of her brand.  

Insufficient tool capability

While Stella had a deep desire for beautiful, functional designs for her website, marketing materials, and resources, she admits that her skill set lies elsewhere. Stella found herself wasting hours using tools that she had not been trained in and becoming frustrated when the end result did not match her vision or expectations. 

Lack of professional support

Working as a sole operator has its perks – but it also has its difficulties. Struggling to define a consistent strategy for her website and marketing, Stella found that the backend and marketing sides of her business were becoming burdensome. Feeling isolated and lacking support, Stella yearned for someone to bounce ideas off, and with whom she could share her vision.

Consistent, clean marketing materials

Taking the burden off Stella to learn new graphic design and copywriting skills, Empire Virtual Support took over the writing and design of Stella’s marketing. Starting with just one project, EVS now broadly supports Above and Beyond, working closely with Stella to ensure her ideas and vision are brought to life. Working with an experienced team of writers and designers, Stella now has peace of mind that all materials will have consistent branding, language, and imagery. 

Implementation and support of backend systems

Lacking the skills to implement new backend systems and feeling overwhelmed by new software and platforms, Stella handed over her backend systems to Empire Virtual Support. Our team has supported Stella by;

  1. Improving website functionality and expanding content as the business grows
  2. Revising web and social media copy and graphics to improve professional imagery and engage new clients
  3. Establishing protocols for conference programs, providing a single point for speakers and attendees to access necessary data

Trusted, flexible support

Everyone in our specialist team is an expert in their field, providing Stella with professional support when she needs it most. With our flexible outsourcing options, Stella has much lower costs than she would hiring a full-time staff member, and can instead pay for what’s needed a month to month. During periods of intense work, Stella is able to communicate as often as needed to share her ideas and have work delivered in line with negotiated timelines, all while only ever paying for the time that is used. When less work is required, Stella is under no obligation to engage EVS with work, alleviating financial stress and further building rapport between her and the EVS team.

Clarity and confidence

By taking over areas of the business that caused stress, Stella now has the headspace to focus on what she does best – using her considerable experience in the industry to deliver workshops, resources, and mentoring to her clients. No longer ‘in charge’ of every detail of the organisation, Stella can hand over her ideas to the Empire team, knowing that her vision will be realised without needing to give it a second thought. 

Professional, long-term growth

With a new website and consistent social media support, Stella now has a professional brand she can be proud of. With all materials and resources in the one place, and consistency in the resources she provides, Stella has set herself apart as a leader in her field, immediately capturing the attention of potential clients and speaking opportunities.  

A trusted support network

Engaging a trusted, experienced, Australian based team gives Stella the support she desperately sought in key aspects of her business. Having worked together for a number of years, the Empire Virtual Support team has built a trusted, respectful relationship with Stella, giving her peace of mind that she always has someone to support her and her business.