Valerie MacIver

Valerie MacIver Public Relations

Reclaiming the hours in a day

Founder of VMPR, Valerie has more than two decades of experience as a Publicist and Communications Professional, working with some of the biggest names in music and entertainment to publicise tours, album releases, events and more. As her business grew, Val found that she simply didn’t have enough time in the day for all the administrative tasks that come with running a business, and reached out to Empire Virtual Support for some assistance.

Overwhelmed by workload

Tackling most of the administrative tasks within the business herself, Val found herself with the age-old problem of simply not having enough hours in the day to do everything that needed doing. Not only was the workload stressful, but the pressure to keep up with business administration while delivering client work was overwhelming. 

Outdated software & business tools

Sticking with what she knew, the processes Val had for client onboarding and reporting worked well… but she knew they weren’t optimised for her growing business. Onboarding new customers and providing clients with updated reports on how publicity projects were tracking was both time consuming and clunky. 

Time-sensitive client needs

Working in a service-based industry, Val’s business had a number of time-sensitive tasks clients needed from onboarding, right through to the end of a project. Focusing on delivering client work, Val simply didn’t have the time to perform these administrative tasks in the quick timeframes she wanted. 

Modern software implementation

After a thorough review of Val’s current processes and procedures, the Empire Virtual Support Team made a number of recommendations for software improvements that would simplify and streamline business procedures. Simple tools like PandaDoc were set up and implemented so that clients can sign documents digitally, rather than needing to print, scan, and email. 

Handing over administration management

Aiming to give Val back some of her valuable time, Empire Virtual Support took over a portion of administrative tasks for VMPR so that Val can focus on delivering client work. The Empire team now manages a range of administrative duties for VMPR, including:

  • Onboarding new clients
  • Graphic design of reports & business collateral
  • Overseeing new contracts
  • General administrative support

Streamlined client processes

No longer dealing with client administration in an ad hoc way, Empire Virtual Support worked alongside Val to streamline client processes and implement SOPs for all administrative tasks. Whether our team is working on onboarding new clients or reporting on existing projects, VMPR clients are now kept in the loop at every stage of the process.  

Overcoming the overwhelm

With Empire Virtual Support taking over a number of administrative tasks, Val now has the time to do what she does best – delivering outstanding PR services to her clients. Knowing that our team are on hand when needed also gives Val peace of mind that she can hand over ad hoc duties as they arise without becoming overloaded with mountains of paperwork. 

Up to date business tools

Following the recommendations of Empire Virtual Support, VMPR now has a range of updated systems and software. These tools have not only simplified processes for Val now, but are sustainable business solutions that will support the business well into the future. 

Positive client feedback

Thanks to streamlined processes and dedicated administrative support, VMPR clients now have even greater communication from Val and the team. No longer a one-woman-team, Val has the support she needs to respond to clients promptly and ensure they receive up to date reports on their PR campaigns and individual projects.