Linda Murray

Athena Leadership Academy [2024 Update]

Streamlining Leadership Development

Linda is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator who has worked in the industry for the past 15 years. Starting Athena Leadership Academy in 2010, Linda coaches leaders to design the careers they want, building on the leadership skills that make others want to follow them. Having worked with Linda for almost 4 years, it was time for another case study, especially given our recent systemisation review! You can view Linda’s prior Case Study here.

Linda Murray of Athena Leadership sought to optimise her leadership development and coaching programs’ operational aspects. With a focus on delivering high-quality sessions, the administrative and logistical tasks became overwhelming, detracting from her core mission – fostering impactful leadership.

Empire Virtual Support stepped in as Athena’s behind-the-scenes powerhouse, ensuring the seamless execution of workshops and leadership programs. By leveraging sophisticated systems and online platforms, they provided Linda with real-time updates on progress, fostering a transparent and synergistic workflow. Their proactive approach to system improvements and efficiency enhancements allowed Linda to concentrate on her strengths – client relationships and program delivery.
Empire Virtual Support transcended the traditional VA role, embedding themselves as integral members of Team Athena. They offered a united brand representation, interacting with clients with the same professionalism and tone as Athena Leadership itself. This seamless integration reinforced client trust and maintained brand consistency.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Empire Virtual Support’s adept management of logistics and administrative tasks ensured the smooth execution of Athena Leadership’s programs, allowing Linda to focus on content delivery and client engagement.

Seamless Team Integration: With Empire Virtual Support acting as an extension of Team Athena, Linda benefited from a cohesive unit that shared her commitment to excellence and innovation.

Client Satisfaction and Brand Consistency: Empire Virtual Support maintained high communication standards, ensuring that clients received the same quality of interaction as they would directly from Linda, thus enhancing client satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Personal Work-Life Balance: The comprehensive support provided by Empire Virtual Support enabled Linda to allocate time more effectively between her professional duties and personal life, particularly family commitments, enhancing overall quality of life.


Through this partnership, Linda Murray and Athena Leadership experienced a transformation in operational efficiency, client engagement, and personal productivity, showcasing the pivotal role of tailored virtual support in scaling leadership development initiatives.

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